I work for you and your family.  I have long been an advocate for property tax reform, a simplified education funding system and an open market for health insurance.  I don't play political party games, but rather support ideas across party lines, if they make sense. 

As one of a handful of "Blue Dog" Democrats in the statehouse, I believe in lower spending and lower taxes.  I also believe we need to do much more to support our local businesses.  For instance, we must continue efforts to streamline our permitting system, encourage job growth and do a better job of promoting tourism.

My accomplishments include sponsoring and winning passage of our most recent Sales Tax Holiday and our most recent Tax Amnesty program.  As  a member of the House Ways and Means Committee I've been able to help block new tax proposals that aren't absolutely necessary to balance our state budget.

Although I'm a fiscal conservative, I also believe in the rights of an individual to conduct their lives as they see fit without undue interference from state government.  To that end, I support protection of civil rights and equal treatment for all.

It's a great honor to serve you as your representative.  Don't hesitate to call me at 655-5764 or email me at jimcondon@lycos.com with any questions or concerns. That's what I'm here for!

As your representative in montpelier...

- State Senator Dick Mazza, Colchester

."Jim Condon never met a tax he didn't want to lower."
-  Rep. Janet Ancel, Chairman of House Ways and Means

"Residents of Colchester can count on Jim Condon to be a strong advocate for lower taxes and better government."
-  Rep. Shap Smith, Speaker of the Vermont House

"Thank you for your leadership on tax policy, the Vermont Economic Growth Initiative program, unemployment insurance and efforts to restructure state government…you were also a leader in recognizing the impact taxes have on business and were instrumental in negotiating tax policy changes that are important to business."

-  Tom Torti, Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce

I would like to thank everyone in Colchester for voting in the Nov. 8 elections and thank the residents of Chittenden District 9-1 for sending me back to Montpelier.

I look forward to working with a new administration to better control spending and taxes and to do a better job of boosting our economy.

While I’ll miss working with my old friend Joey Purvis, I look forward to working with new district mate Curt Taylor. Curt is a kind and thoughtful individual who will, I’m sure, do a good job for our town.

A reminder that if you any questions or issues with state government, please let me know. As your representative, I’ll do what I can to help.  My email is jimcondon@lycos.com, and my home phone number is 655-5764.


Colchester State Representative Jim Condon


Jim and Ginny Condon

"Jim Condon is doing a great job for the people of Colchester!"